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One hour of training provided via web conference. The live training is exclusive to your organization and is open to 15 trainees. Please contact us if you require larger classes. A training video is provided after each session. Custom and standard curriculum available.

You can also purchase 7 hours of training at a discount. The training sessions can be split into hourly segments between which trainees can apply and practice the materials taught. Each session can also be recorded to video, allowing you to review the topics covered.

You can schedule training at short notice (based on availability) and for as many hours as you have purchased.

Whether you need an introduction to the software, require answers to specific questions in relation to your projects, or would like to learn about particular features and tools, an experienced trainer will provide personalized Maptitude training to meet your needs. You can focus the training on your own datasets and on your geographic analysis and mapping requirements. Alternatively, you can choose to cover particular topics from the standard instructor-led training courses.

The web-based training is provided via GoToMeeting or Microsoft Teams. The Caliper trainer will be able to walk you through the required steps to achieve your goals and to answer your questions, all within a live environment.

“Creating maps is very easy, not only because the user’s guide that comes with the software is helpful, but the training offered is top notch. I was able to receive one-on-one training without leaving the office. My training sessions were also available via download to reference whenever I needed. All in all, we couldn’t be happier with our purchase.”

Dave Ugarte, Motorola Inc.


Training credits expire 365 calendar days from the invoice date. See the Sales Policies page for complete details.


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