2020 Building Footprints



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PDF Data GuideBuilding Footprint Data – Getting Started (PDF)

FREE area layers building footprints are now downloadable for copies of Maptitude 2020 that are licensed to use the 2020 USA, Australia, or Canada Country Packages. The U.S. layer contains 124,885,597 building footprints, the Canadian layer contains 12,663,475 building footprints, and the Australian layer contains 11,334,866 building footprints. The downloaded layer can be added to any Maptitude 2020 map.

A PDF guide is installed with the data and includes information on the map layer as well as tips for analyzing and using the data.

Additional information


Requires Maptitude 2020 software and a 2020 USA, Australia, or Canada Country Package. Access to the download expires upon release of Maptitude 2021 data.

Using the Layer

You can add the layer to a map by choosing Map > Layers, clicking Add Layer, and choosing the ccBuilding, ccAustraliaBuilding, or ccCanadaBuilding layer from the install folder (typically c:\ccdata)

About the Download

The install codes and instructions for downloading are emailed after the shipping confirmation email. Download orders received after 3pm are usually processed the same business day, but may be processed on the next business day, excluding US federal holidays.