Maptitude UK Virtual Training



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Caliper Corporation invites you to attend a half-day of virtual training covering materials valuable to both new and existing UK users of Maptitude. Dates are:

  • 17 September 2024


  • Use Create-a-Map Wizard to quickly map and analyse your data, apply styles, and add themes
  • Learn how you can use Maptitude to map and analyse data
  • Control map layers and their settings with the Display Manager
  • Visualise your data using thematic tools including colour, symbol, pattern, scaled-symbol, chart, dot-density, and 3D themes
  • Learn how to create and use multiple, named selection sets (database filters)
  • Use GIS analytical tools to create circular buffers and “hot-spot” density grids
  • Learn how to create drive-time and distance polygons as well as best routes
  • Use the powerful district and territory creation tools, including non-overlapping zones, as-the-crow-flies service areas, overlapping zones, and street-based districts

Cost and Registration:
The class costs US$250 and advance registration and payment are required. See the Cancellation Policy on the Sales Policy page for information on cancellations. Class starts at 13:00 GMT and ends at 17:00 GMT.

In addition to classroom training, Caliper also offers web-based training.