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Product Description

Free area layers of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) and of the Texas Survey System (TXSS) are now downloadable for free for Maptitude 2017 users. The downloaded layers can be added to any Maptitude 2017 map.

The PLSS divides large areas of the USA into townships and sections (First Divisions and Second Divisions). PLSS layers provided are:

  • PLSS Township
  • PLSS First Division
  • PLSS Second Division
  • PLSS Special Survey
  • Survey System
  • Meandering Water
  • Conflicted Area

The Texas Land Survey Layer splits the state into tracts, sections, and labors. TXSS layers provided are:

  • Texas RRC District
  • Texas Land Survey
  • Texas Bay Tract

PDF is installed with the data and includes information on the map layers as well as tips for analyzing and using the data.

Additional Information


Requires Maptitude 2017 software and a 2017 USA Country Package. Access to the download expires upon release of Maptitude 2018 data.

Using the Layers

The layers are typically installed to your c:/ccdata folder. You can add any of these layers to a map by choosing Map > Layers > Add Layer, browsing to the install folder, typically c:\ccdata, and choosing the layers that you would like to map.

About the Download

The install codes and instructions for downloading are emailed after the shipping confirmation email. Download orders received after 3pm are usually processed the same business day, but may be processed on the next business day, excluding US federal holidays.