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Caliper Corporation offers several training courses for Maptitude that enable you to make the most of your mapping software investment. You can take up to three days of classroom training that cover materials valuable to both new and existing users of Maptitude. Classes are taught in a virtual classroom.

Upcoming Courses Location Date
Foundational Maptitude Virtual Classroom 13 August 2024
Intermediate Maptitude Virtual Classroom 14 August 2024
Advanced Maptitude Virtual Classroom 15 August 2024

Day 1: Foundational Maptitude Skills:

  • Map Your Data: Efficiently map your data, whether it’s represented as points or associated with specific areas like ZIP Codes.
  • Map Customization: Customize the style of map layers and add labels to enhance the clarity and visual appeal of your data.
  • Radius Analysis: Utilize buffers to analyze the areas surrounding your location of interest, providing valuable insights.
  • Data Visualization: Create themes using your data, enabling you to identify and understand trends.
  • Data Navigation: Explore your mapped data, extracting specific information for in-depth analysis.
  • Data Filtering: Learn to selectively filter features in your data for focused and precise analysis.

Day 2: Intermediate Maptitude Proficiency:

  • Imagery Enhancement: Bolster your maps with
    satellite and aerial backgrounds to provide context and visual
  • Data Management: Modify and augment your
    map data using formula fields or tagging features based on
    geographic proximity.
  • Focused Mapping: Tailor your maps to
    specific areas of interest, ensuring clean presentation of your
  • Data Locating: Configure locating options
    to optimize the mapping of your data for precise results.
  • Linking to Source Data: Seamlessly connect
    your data to the map, automatically updating whenever your
    source data changes.
  • Basic Geographic Analysis: Explore basic
    geographic analysis tools, such as buffers and heat mapping, to
    gain deeper insights into your data.
  • Territory Mapping: Create and manage
    coverage areas, market share bands, or territories for strategic
    planning and resource allocation.
  • Map Presentation: Customize reports and
    layouts for professional and effective map presentations.

Day 3: Advanced Maptitude Expertise:

  • Selective Mapping: Select and filter your
    data based on attributes and location for more complex analysis
  • Optimized Routing: Create drive-time or
    drive-distance areas and optimize routes for efficient planning.
  • Strategic Logistics: Calculate distance and
    travel time tables, and utilize site location analysis for
    data-driven decision-making.
  • Demographic Reports: Create and customize
    demographic reports to better understand your locations of
  • Data Analytics: Generate insightful charts
    and obtain summary statistics of your data, providing a helpful
    overview of your data.
  • Enriching Data Add-ons: Enrich your maps
    with free data add-ons, including health data, banking and
    credit union data, and business location data.
  • Map Styling Techniques: Enhance your map’s
    visual appeal and cogency with valuable map display and styling
  • File Management Mastery: Acquire best
    practices for file management, ensuring data organization and

Cost and Registration:
Classes cost $500 per day and advance registration and payment is required. See Cancellation Policy on the Sales Policy page for information on cancellations.

Maptitude Training can be counted towards your GISP Certification as Non-Accredited Course Points. Please see the GIS Certification Institute’s official website for more information.

In addition to classroom training, Caliper also offers web-based training.


Training credits expire 365 calendar days from the invoice date. See the Sales Policies page for complete details.