Maptitude Online Subscription

$420.00 / year


Your existing Maptitude Online serial number (if applicable):

An annual subscription to the Maptitude Online Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables you to share your Maptitude maps via the Cloud with others who do not have a Maptitude license. You can:

  • Upload, map, and share data in Excel or CSV formats (desktop Maptitude not required)
  • Upload and share desktop Maptitude maps (desktop Maptitude required)
Maptitude Online
Share maps with other users that do not have a Maptitude license either privately using secure user logins or publicly with no login requirement.
$420 per user billed annually
• 1-Year, 1-User Subscription
• Additional concurrent users $420
  • Maptitude Online does not have the same functionality as desktop Maptitude
  • Maptitude Online is compatible with the latest versions of Edge Chromium, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome
  • Account allowances:
    – Storage: 10 GB
    – Monthly Usage: 50,000 map views
    – Maximum of 7 layers per map
    – Maximum of 32 columns/fields per layer
    These limits do not increase per subscriber added to an account. Each subscriber needs to pay for a subscription.

Video Tutorial:
How to upload maps from Maptitude and work with them online

Maptitude Online can be used as a stand-alone online mapping application. If you want to upload your maps created in desktop Maptitude, a desktop Maptitude license is also required.


Maptitude Online makes it simple to upload and share your maps and is supported by comprehensive help that you can view at